Posted by: thesavinghabit | April 24, 2010

Organize Your Coupons

Hi Everyone,

 Many people ask me how I organize my coupons. So, today we will focus a bit on that.  There are many methods you can use.  Some people use a 3-ring binder with inserts that are normally used for baseball cards. They use each pocket of the insert for each coupon. Some sort them alphabetically by brand (i.e. Kelloggs, General Mills), others by type of product (cereal, toothpaste).  I find this to be a very time consuming process that just doesn’t work for me. I try to limit the time I spend organizing my coupons, but yet have them still be in a functional order.  My preference is to sort by category.  My categories include: Cereal/Breakfast items, canned goods, frozen goods, meat, miscellaneous food, miscellaneous nonfood, paper/plastic, hair care, oral care, pharmacy, misc. toiletries, and a few others.   It took me some time to find a box to put them in that was the right size for me, but I finally found one at an office supply store for about $8 that has a nice lid that latches well and is the size I need.  I know of others who have used regular envelops in a shoebox too.  I use index cards for my dividers. If you have to you could even cut any cardstock paper to fit. At the end of each month I quickly go through my coupons and pull out the expired ones.

 This seems to be the quickest and easiest way for me to organize my coupons.


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