Posted by: thesavinghabit | April 26, 2010

Price Clubs VS. Regular Stores

Hi Everyone,

I wanted to thank an anonymous reader for their tip last week on a great coupon website. In case you missed it in the comment section, it is I know many of us get these coupon booklets from Money Saver in the mail periodically, but I also know it’s easy to quickly toss and then realize later you wish you had kept it! So now you can print those coupons out as needed. Thank you to the person who provided that information!

Another reader asked about Club stores (Costco, BJ’s Wholesale, Sams Club) vs. traditional grocery stores. Personally, we’ve found that we do best when we use both. I’ve found that the majority of the regular household items I buy can be purchased for the best deal by shopping with coupons and sales. However, there are some items that are not available in the local grocery stores, or rarely have coupons or sales. Storage is also an issue for me, especially on frozen foods as I do not have a separate freezer. Generally speaking, I purchase most of my meats, milk, cheese, and kid-friendly snacks at one of the Club stores, along with a few other items. We also purchase most of our gas from the club gas stations as they are always less expensive than other gas stations. However, prices vary considerably even between the Club stores. For example, a 2 pound block of cheese was approximately $2 less at Costco over BJ’s Wholesale the last time I checked. Both stores were less expensive than the regular grocery store. To make the best use of the Club stores, ask for a day pass (or sometimes they offer a 30-day pass) and go through the store to check out the prices of the items you buy. Be sure to make note of the size as well so you can truly compare ounce per ounce, etc. If you have multiple Club stores that are easily accessible, check them all out and see how their prices compare for the items you use. When I was first learning the prices of everything, I actually kept a spreadsheet listing prices at each store so I’d know which price was best. Obviously prices can vary and change quickly, but it gives you a place to start.

Please continue to ask questions and leave comments. I want this blog to be helpful for you, so let me know what you would like to know more about!

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