Posted by: thesavinghabit | May 1, 2010

Phantom Power

Hi Everyone,
This tip on saving money has to do with electronics. Our lives are filled with electronics – TV’s, DVD players, CD players, cell phones, computers, etc.  However, what most people do not think about is how much energy these electronics are using even when they are turned off!  For example, every single item that is controlled via remote is using energy even when it is turned off.  The only way the remote can give the command to turn it on, is if there is some sort of power open to read the command.  Sure, maybe just one item won’t affect your electrical bill much. But, add them all together, and you might just be surprised.  We chose to purchase a few power strip cords where multiple items could be plugged in together, such as our TV, stereo, DVD player, etc.  When we are not using those items, we turn them off via the remote, and then turn the power strip off as well.  You can also purchase “Smart Strips” (Smart Strips are standard power strips with surge protection which go above and beyond protecting your electronics- by also cutting standby energy. Find out more here.)

The same goes for things such as cell phone chargers, coffee pots, etc.  If your coffee pot has lights on it that stays on even when it is turned off, it’s using energy. Ours stays unplugged except when we are using it.  And, of course, a big one is the computer.  Many people tend to leave their computers on all day, even when they are not going to be home to use them.  Even if you want your computer to run for some reason, turn off the monitor.  All of these seemingly inconsequential items can add up to a great deal of wasted energy. Not only will turning these off or unplugging them save you money, it’s also the environmentally conscientious thing to do!

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