Posted by: thesavinghabit | May 3, 2010

Check Your Statements

One thing I’ve learned is that it is important to check your statements on all of your bills.  Many times I’ve found charges that were incorrect, or perhaps not expected at all. For example, we’ve had charges added to our home telephone bill for services we did not ask for or want. When I’ve called, they have reversed the charges but claimed that we authorized them.  By doing this, I also found out that you can put a requirement on your phone (if you’re with AT&T) that requires a PIN to be entered if you choose to add any additional services. That way no one can add them to your account without your express consent.  So, always check your bills to ensure accuracy.

In addition, I have learned that it is helpful to call your service providers to see if they have any new packages that might either save you money, or give you more for your money.  We found that by bundling services for telephone, cell phone and internet (among other options) that we get more for our money.  When checking on telephone services, we’ve found that we could reduce our payments simply by upgrading to the most recent plan. They don’t call you to tell you they have new plans available. You have to check in with them and find out. I’ve tried to make it a habit to call and inquire about pricing at least twice per year.  Service packages and pricing changes fairly often so it never hurts to check.

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  1. Great post! If more people do this imaging the kind of deals they can find…

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