Posted by: thesavinghabit | May 6, 2010

Save Money, Go To The Library

This week I’m going to be an advocate for the library!  A big money saving tip for us has been to utilize the local library. We used to have a Netflix subscription but realized that we didn’t need to spend that money every month!  If you have a library card, which is simple to get, you are able to check movies out for free. I’m not sure if all libraries are the same, but the Palm Beach County library system has a very nice selection and you can keep them for a week.  And why purchase books that you will only read once? I know that the Palm Beach County library system lets you put a hold on items that are not in stock so you can pick them up later. Also, if the item you want is not at your local branch, they can have it brought over from another location!  And, regardless of where you pick up the items, you can return them to any Palm Beach County library.  I know most of the cities in Palm Beach County also have their own city library as well.  You can renew your items online as well so you can avoid late fees if you are unable to return them in time.

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  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. The things we use to do as kids seems so foreign now, like the library or just having conversation with your kids without an electrionic devise. Keep up the great work…


  2. Thanks Leo,

    We go to the library once a week to get some dvds and books. We have movie night on Friday. We turn it into an educational experience that is fun for the kids. They each get a few bucks to “pay” for the movie and the snacks. We remind them that they need to decide what the really want because when the money is gone that’s it. They have learned to share what they buy that way they get more. Gotta teach them young.

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