Posted by: thesavinghabit | May 9, 2010

Menu Planning Will Save You Money

With the busy lives that we all lead, one of the big potential “money wasters” can end up being dinner. Even though I’m home with my children, we are so busy with homeschooling and other activities, we find that lack of planning can end up costing us money. When I don’t have a “dinner plan” for the week, we inevitably can end up spending more by running to the store for last minute dinner items, or eating out more often.

 A couple of simple tips can really help with this. 

 1)      Menu Planning – plan your menus in advance so that you can make one trip to the store for the week and get all that you need. I suggest planning your meals around sale items for the week.  I realize that menu planning is time consuming as well, so you may be interested in trying  This is an amazing website that offers several options. You can pick menu plans by store sales, by Weight Watcher Points, or low-fat options and more. You can choose plans for 2 people or a family of 4-6 people. And the cost of the website ($5 per month) is very reasonable and well worth it. Even Dave Ramsey, a well-known financial expert, recommends this site. You can print a sample menu from the site as well.

2)      Another helpful device for us has been a Nu-Wave oven. You can view one at  We love the Nu-Wave for several reasons.

A)    It is more efficient than a full-size oven

B)     You can cook food from frozen to fully cooked in a shorter time frame

C)    The food is healthier because it allows the grease to drip down and not saturate your food in grease while it’s cooking.

You can also use an extra-large toaster oven for many things, but the Nu-Wave made the most sense to us because when we forget to pull something out of the freezer, it’s not an issue. Chicken breasts can go from frozen to fully cooked in about 30 minutes in the Nu-Wave. And the Nu-Wave is large enough to easy cook for my family of four.

 With or without a Nu-Wave or large toaster oven, you will find that menu planning, especially based upon the sale items for the week, will save you money.

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