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Simply CVS Shopping

Hi Everyone,

I’m on vacation this week, so I’ve asked my friend, Cheryl, over at Simply CVS  to be my “guest blogger” this week.  I’ve followed Cheryl’s CVS advice for probably a couple of years now. Nobody does it better!  I’ve been amazed at how she has turned a $10 CVS gift card into literally hundreds of dollars worth of products. What she can’t personally use, she donates to people or organizations that can.  I’m sure you will learn a great deal from her “CVS 101: Ten Steps to Saving” blog! I’m posting “chapter one” but when you get done, head on over to her site and check out the rest!  Thank you, Cheryl!

 Since 5/1/2010

.. ……Saved



… ….$24.09

..Saved Year To Date

…… .$2188.93


Simply CVS is in no way connected to or compensated by CVS/pharmacy. I am just a satisfied customer who has learned to save thousands each year shopping at CVS and I love to teach others how they can, too.

CVS 101: Ten Steps to Saving

 CVS Shopping = Super Savings

Do you want to learn to save money and easily keep your family stocked with necessary health and beauty items, some food and cleaning supplies for free or pennies on the dollar?

You can keep your family’s H&B item needs met with very little out of pocket cash.  You will also be able to have extra items for gifts, for sharing or for donating.  Just by shopping at CVS and using their weekly sale ad, their coupons, their extra care bucks’ program and manufacturer coupons.

It is a whole new way of thinking and shopping, but it is also very rewarding.  It will take a while to learn the ropes, change your thinking and get the hang of the system, but before long you will be enjoying the benefits of learning to “CVS.”

Below are 10 easy lessons to get you on the road to enjoying the benefits of shopping at CVS.



Have you ever thought of CVS as a place to save money on your basic health and beauty needs and some of your food needs?  Even bring home some items for free?   I never did, but CVS Pharmacy is a great place to do just that.  I have been shopping at CVS weekly now for a couple of years and each week I bring home several to dozens of things for pennies on the dollar.

Let me help you get started saving at CVS.

Step # 1:  Get an CVS Extra Care Reward Card.

With the CVS Extra Care Card you will receive sale prices, extra bucks on certain items (these are coupons on the end of your receipt to use almost just like cash at CVS) and quarterly extra bucks on all of your CVS purchases and prescriptions, and CVS coupons for a variety of products in the store (see the CVS 101 Lesson “What’s an Extra Care Buck”).

There are two ways to do this:  you can either pick up an application in the store or fill one out on line.  The benefit of picking one up at CVS is that you can get it immediately and can start shopping and saving.

Be sure to link your CVS card at Upromise    to earn savings for college on selected items while you shop.

Step #2:  Register Your Card Online

Go to and on the top right hand side is an “Extra Care” icon which when clicked has a place to register your card.  Be sure to put down that you want to sign up for all CVS home and email mailings–you will receive added savings in the form of periodic mailings of coupons.

Within a few weeks of registering your card you should receive an email from CVS with a $4 coupon good on a $20 purchase if you gave an email address.  Then keep your eyes open for more emails with special savings.

CVS has great customer service.  The 800 number is on the back of the card you will receive (800-SHOPCVS).  You can also contact them thru their website.  If you have any questions or concerns call CVS and they will clarify anything you might not understand or tend to any problems you encounter at your local CVS.
To read the remainder of this article, please visit Simply CVS.

Now, on to the deals this week!

Know the Lingo
BOGO – Buy one, get one free
SS – Smart Source (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
RP – Red Plum (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
PG – Proctor & Gamble (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
GM – General Mills (occasional coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
Blinkie – coupon dispensers in stores
Peelie – coupons found on products that you peel off
Hangtag – coupons found hanging on bottles
All You – Magazine sold at Walmart or via subscription

Whole Foods:  Click here  for their coupons. If you prefer to shop at Publix, they should accept these as competitor coupons.

Publix Greenwise:  Click here  for their weekly ads.

Many thanks to for their great tips on shopping at Publix!

For Publix “super deals” for 8/16-8/25 please click here.    

For Publix full sale list with coupon match-ups for 8/19-8/25, please click here

For Publix ongoing sale list, please click here

For Publix Advantage Buy Flyer sales, please click here.

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E-Book now available!

I’m excited to tell you that my book is now available as an e-book! So, you can save money while you learn to save even more money by purchasing an e-book instead of a traditionally bound book!  For more information, please click here. 

Renita is a resident of Palm Beach County, and author of “Wow! You Saved How Much?” For more information, visit her website at

I grant permission for every reader to reproduce on your website the article you are now reading but copy this article, without any alteration whatsoever. Include the copyright statement, too, please.

“Copyright © Renita R. Perrone All rights reserved. Permission granted to reprint this article on your website without alteration (excluding the weekly deals) if you include this copyright statement and leave the hyperlinks live and in place.”


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