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Never Underestimate the Value of Samples / weekly deals 2/3-2/9/2010

How often do you request the free samples that companies offer? I’ve gone back and forth with this, sometimes feeling like too much time is required to fill out the forms online. However, using roboform makes it quite easy to do.  Roboform is a free program you can download (they offer a “pro” version as well that they charge a fee for) that remembers your basic information and can “auto-fill” most necessary information on many sites.  The biggest advantage I’ve seen to requesting samples is finding out if you actually like a product before paying for a full-sized one.  If you do like the product, then it gives you one more option for products to rotate for sales. For example, if I decide I like a particular hair product, I can now add that to my list of acceptable products for which to find sales and coupons.  If I don’t like the product, I haven’t wasted my money.

Also, when you are in stores and you see someone demonstrating products, they will often have coupons. As a product demonstrator myself, I know it is common to have FAR more coupons than I can give out during my shift.  Ask the demonstrator if you can have a few coupons. If they say no, check the sales flyer area the next time you are in the store. I know when I leave a store, if the manager allows for it (most do), I leave the extra coupons with the sales flyers.  I’ve also had times when I have stopped at a demonstrator’s table right before their shift ended and they handed me all their leftover samples!  I think I once ended up with a month’s supply of shampoo/conditioner that way!

Did you know that Walmart offers free samples and coupons from their website? They rotate periodically, but you can find those here. And I know Costco and Sam’s Club also occasionally offer some for their members. Another helpful site to join is Start Sampling.  This site actually gives you points for logging in, answering a daily poll, and providing feedback for samples. The points are redeemable for prizes, although it might take a long time to have enough! Go check it out!

New club for pet owners!  Publix has started a new Pet Club. Register now to receive tips, valuable coupons and advance notice of special events.  And, if you register before March 31, 2011, you will be entered into a sweepstakes to win free food for you and your pet. You can find all the details and/or register here.  And don’t forget they have other clubs and programs that can save you money. You can find all of them here.

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For local calendar events:

For Delray Beach, click here.

For Boynton Beach, click here.

For Boca Raton, click here.

Now, on to the deals this week!

Know the Lingo
BOGO – Buy one, get one free
SS – Smart Source (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
RP – Red Plum (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
PG – Proctor & Gamble (coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
GM – General Mills (occasional coupon inserts in Sunday’s papers)
Blinkie – coupon dispensers in stores
Peelie – coupons found on products that you peel off
Hangtag – coupons found hanging on bottles
All You – Magazine sold at Walmart or via subscription

Whole Foods:  Click here for their coupons. If you prefer to shop at Publix, they should accept these as competitor coupons.

Publix Greenwise:  Click here for their weekly ads.

Many thanks to for their great tips on shopping at Publix!

For Publix “Super Deals” for 2/3-2/9, please click here.

For Publix full sale list with coupon match-ups for 2/3-2/9, please click here.    

For Publix Advantage Buy Flyer sales, please click here.

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