Renita R. Perrone

I have been a stay-at-home mom since 2001 after the birth of my first child.  My husband and I both knew that we wanted to homeschool our children, and that putting them in daycare was not an option for us.  Through a great deal of practice and research, I have found practical methods to help save money.  With rising costs, it is imperative to many people to cut their costs.  My methods are tried and true. I have shopped this way for approximately 5 years now and I can’t imagine how we would have made ends meet without it.

I am also the author of  “Wow! You Saved How Much?” I enjoy helping people and see this as a tremendous need for so many.  I have known many women who desperately wanted to be home with their children but were unable to do so.  For some, shopping like this has allowed them to be home. For others, they were able to work part-time.  But, in this day and age, for many it is a matter of survival. 

 Renita Perrone



  1. Wow! You do great saving – I wish I could learn to be even half that good –
    I got referred to your blog from Marsha’s Spot

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